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Nautolans, sometimes referred to as Nautiloids, were an amphibious species of sentient humanoids from the planet Glee Anselm.


Nautolans could breath underwater, were excellent swimmers and had low light vision. Their bony endoskeletons and dense cartilage gave them a resistance to glancing blows.

Nautolans were an egg-laying species, and when their young emerged from their eggs, they were tadpoles that had to develop arms, legs, and head-tails, which they did by the time they were two years old. They were roughly the size of human infants in this stage and their limbs were so weak that they could not support their weight, forcing them to remain underwater for most of their childhoods.

The average Nautolan stood at around 1.8 meters and had smooth skin that was coloured green, blue, purple, brown, or gray. Their eyes were large and black or dark maroon, and had eyelids that were seldom used.

Unlike many other water-based species, healthy Nautolans did not suffer any difficulties breathing out of water.

The species had exceptional olfactory and pheromone-sensing abilities that were enhanced by their head-tresses, which were sometimes referred to as head-tails. These were used to detect the emotional state of another being, and were most effective when the Nautolan was submerged underwater.

Nautolans had fourteen sensory tentacles and multiple hearts that could beat separately.


The ability to sense pheromone changes was an essential part to communication processes in Nautolan culture. Other communication cues were used for speaking when submerged underwater, like reading the swirls in each others' eyes.

Their language was maximized for use underwater and was not fully pronounceable when out of water. Due to this, most Nautolans spoke either Anselmian or Galactic Basic when off-world.


Nautolan society on Glee Anselm was centered around local families and governments. The planetary government was comprised of representatives from the Councils of Elders that governed each settlement. Nautolans selected their Elders bade on merit, and some of the Council members were actually younger.

Their culture promoted life-long mating, and families were built around spousal loyalty and equality between the different members of the household, regardless of gender.

Arranged marriages were commonly practiced in their early history, however this practice had been near-entirely eradicated by the time of the Galactic Civil War.

The Force was not really referenced in Glee Anslem's culture, however some Nautolans had a word for Force-sensitives: "Forceful", and held respect for those who were Forceful.

Few Nautolans ever left Glee Anselm, but savvy collectors of music still managed to acquire samples of Nautolan music, which was composed of sustained notes that were held in irregular patterns with the occasional pauses. Nautolans considered the pauses to be the most important part of the music, which confused outsiders.